Enjoying the good things

NY Style inspired pizza with a Hannah twist

NY Style inspired pizza with a Hannah twist… Really, yum!

The other night, I made some good ol’ New York style pizza. As a native New Yorker, we’re very particular about our pizzas. I’ve learned to love other styles just as much but please don’t call it New York style if it isn’t. It’s gotta have the right sauce as well as the right amount, with cheese that is delicious, gooey and stringy when you bite into it and just enough dough to balance out the rest of the pizza. Now, my pizza as much as I call it New York style, had a few elements just a little different. Part of it is that I’m still learning, part is that there are some uncontrollable factors and the other part is that I love new creations. As much as I love New York style pizza, I know the best is in New York and I’m ok with them keeping that title because it gives me an awesome thing to look forward to when I’m up there.

Now, I’m in the lovely Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. It really is a beautiful city. May be one of the most naturally beautiful cities I have ever seen. Anyway, in every culture I travel to, I see the limitations of what people know is good. As a seasoned traveler (I’m self-titling that one but perhaps not fully attained to some standards), one thing I really miss is some of those really awesome things I have had around the world. Perhaps its the alfajores of Peru, the empanadas of Argentina, the pasta of Italy, an American juicy burger, bread and cheese in France…Mmm! Whatever it is, the diversity just doesn’t exist when you leave the States but really, the States do not even begin to compare with the real thing. So sorry America, but olive oil is better in Greece no matter what you try (but I do hope that you/we get it right!).

So when I start to meet people and get to know people, part of the love I have for them is for them to experience some of the awesome things that I have. If I can replicate the awesomeness that I once enjoyed, it is a great way to share it with them. I have worked on recipes not for my own sake but so that someone can try the best they have ever tasted even if it is better than I have ever tasted. On top of that, what is better is when you get to enjoy it with them. It’s like you have this memory with them and no one can take that away from you. Sharing the memory you once had, allows you to bring those closest to you into the secret places you have. So the other night, when I was making that pizza, knowing this is one I can do very well regardless of the tools I have or do not have such as fennel (not readily available in Brazil), I was sad to learn that one person had a meeting and another was skipping dinner. It was one of those moments where I knew it was going to be a great one to share, the one I wanted to see as they experience something I love for the first time. The one you know they’re going to say something great but you just want to capture the moment.

This is the kind of passion I want to carry with everything that I find is good. I want to keep looking for better and greater things but I want to have a heart to share the good things with those I love, that I may share in their great experiences. How wonderful it is! What do you love to share?


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